Along with your hotel logo, the large main photo, photo gallery and your unique background and accent color, each page in this package will display a footer that contains the hotel contact information and, if available, a Facebook logo and/or Twitter logo. Also integrated into each page will be a Reservation Launcher that incorporates your color scheme. Client purchases directly for new sites (we recommend using Client supplies us the domain name for their site(s) to use via the online content form.

Upon receipt of the completed Content Form, along with properly formatted photos and hotel logo, our team will create the website and deploy the files to the live web server.


Hotels will need to complete the Content Form and provide the following content, images and information:

  1. All hotel information (phone, location address, email address).
  2. Domain Registration (we recommend using You supply us the domain name for your site(s) to use
  3. All page content in a fully edited, final version (Standard Package only).
  4. All photos and logos formatted to required specifications.
  5. One (1) or two (2) colors in RGB or Web/Hex values.

Download the Carbon Content Form


1.  Service Agreement
All website packages require a one-year service agreement.
2.  Web Hosting*
All website packages require a minimum one-year Hosting contract.

*Email integration is not included in the Web Hosting costs. Please contact us for pricing and details for adding email services. Currently, Google Apps is the only email service that is supported.

3.  Online Booking Engine
All website packages require an active account with an online booking engine service provider. Special pricing available when going through Vertical Booking.